Bama Hate Week

ReidAs you may know, Louisiana celebrates “Bama Hate Week” in the first week of November. LSU fans like myself make mundane observations followed by an expression of their hatred.

“I saw a red flower today. This reminds me of how much I hate Bama.”

The more mundane the observation, the more encompassing the hatred.

This sermon sprung, fully formed into my head this morning. I have a responsibility to share it. More posts on math will come eventually.

I don’t know much about love, but let me tell you something about hate.

Hate is focus. Hate is motivation. Hate is the slow curdling of hormones at the back of the skull. Hate is not accepting your place in the world and striving to better yourself.

When love fades, it turns to hatred. What hatred fades, it turns to indifference.

I don’t know why anyone would choose to hate, but I know why someone would choose to love. We love out of fear. Fear of growing old. Fear of being alone. Fear of capitulating to wear and tear. Love is a desperate scheme to preserve our essence so it can hate in the next generation. Love is an acknowledgment and an acceptance of death.

Love may have its place, but the Mongols, Vikings, Macedonians and Victorians didn’t conquer the world out of love. True, they accepted the burdens of leadership, but it was pure hatred that initially drove the armies forward.

No one wants you to hate. They want you to find love. They want you to accept your lot in life and quietly surrender to fate. I don’t know if you deserve to be loved, but there are those who deserve your hatred.

This is Bama Hate Week. Hate Bama with all your heart, mind and soul.

Hate Red. Live Gold.

Forever LSU.