It’s a Repeat

I’m going to briefly step off-topic to address the business buzzword “social.”

ShareA decade ago, Anthony Kiedis told us to throw away our television. Spending hours on the idiot box is easy and entertaining, but it doesn’t make you smart, interesting or fulfilled. Worse, it weakens willpower and makes the smart, interesting, fulfilling things harder to do. Take the noose off your ambition.

The world has changed since then. Many more can proudly say they’ve cut their cable subscription, but what have they replaced it with? Netflix is probably better for your brain per hour but worse in quantities commonly consumed. Reddit turned retarded shortly after it became popular. The new idiot boxes aren’t smarter, they’re just more effectively marketing for low blood-sugar you.

It’s a repeat of a story told.

Part of what makes Google Reader smarter than Reddit is that it isn’t any more social than it needs to be. This is the opposite of the direction business wants to take technology. The new Sim City is more Farmville than simulation. The PS4 controller will have a share button. LNKD┬áis trading at a P/E multiple in the 900’s. Twitter is still a thing. I’m still a stranger living in a strange land.

Oh, and Google announced this morning it’s discontinuing Google Reader. It’s presumably going to be replaced with a new G+ feature.

This isn’t Mad Men estrangement where I live in a world rebuilt by a younger generation. This is the confusion of a 20 something finding the 40 somethings who rule the world attempting to be 20 somethings. This is MBA’s who noticed Instagram sold for a billion but failed to notice what happened to ZNGA.

It’s a repeat, and it’s getting old.